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Wedding couple using natural deodorant in photo booth

Photo Booth Hire & Natural Deodorant Australia.

Photo booth hire and natural deodorant Australia. What do this seemingly unrelated duo have in common? Let's throw the best beard oil Australia into the mix for a really interesting dicussion. Why are we even talking about photo booths and natural deodorant (such as Wild Deodorant) together? Well, a great natural deodorant can make your photo booth hire experience a lot more fun and less stressful. Let's take a deeper dive into choosing a great photo booth for your wedding or event whilst staying fresh in the process.


Photo Booth Hire Australia

Women with natural deodorant on

Your first step to a fantastic photo booth experience of course is finding a great photo booth in Australia. Scroll down and we'll cover our top five tips for finding a reputable Australian photo booth company. While you're here it may be worth checking out Photobooth Finder for a list of vendors. 


Choosing A Photobooth

There's lot's to consider when choosing a photo booth for your wedding so that you can get great quality images which you can look back on for years to come. Here's a few simple tips to get you started.

1. Start with word of mouth. If you've been to a wedding with a photo booth then you've had first hand experience with using a photo booth. Was it a good experience? Were the photo's you received good quality? Was it fun and easy to use? If you answered yes then stop your search. Get in touch with the bride and groom and ask about their experience, you may have just found yourself the perfect photo booth for your wedding or event.

2. Jump onto Google and search "photo booth hire (insert your area)". There will be a wealth of options, we recommend looking at Google reviews to narrow down the search. A reputable and established photo booth business will have a large number of positive reviews. Google reviews tend to be trustworthy so if you do find a photo booth company with lots of great Google reviews it's probably a safe bet.

3. Don't be afraid to ask for sample. Photo booth companies should be able to send you pictures of photo strips so that you can assess the quality of their prints. They may also have an online gallery featuring actual photos captured with their booth so you can see exactly what you will be getting. This is important as many photo booth hire companies will post great looking photos on their website, such photos however have often been captured using professional camera equipment in a studio environment. It's incredibly important to see the actual images from their photo booth as they are often of much poorer quality that photos displayed on the website.

4. Everything looking good? It's time to enquire about your date. Be prepared for some disappointment though as most reputable photo booth companies book out very far in advance. If your favoured company has no availability ask them if there is anyone they can refer you to. Most photo booth companies will have partners they can trust so that you can feel comfortable you're getting a quality product. Of course it's important to do your due diligence with each photo booth company you're referred to, just to make sure you're getting what you expect.

5. Repeat. If steps 1-4 didn't find you a great photo booth for your wedding or event then all you have to do is repeat them. You've likely been to more than one wedding, so ask other friends about their photo booth. If that doesn't work there's plenty more Google searches and reviews to trawl through. The important part is to do your research so you can be sure you're dealing with a reputable photo booth company in Australia.


Staying Body Odour Free With Natural Deodorant

So, You've found a great photo booth for your wedding or event in Australia. Yay, fun times are ahead. There's one aspect of photo booth hire and weddings in general that lots of people don't give any thought to. It may sound odd, but staying body odour free during your wedding is something you really need to consider. After all, it's a long day and you're likely going to be nervous and sweating a lot. Let's just say that being a stinky bride or groom is not conducive to relaxing and having the best wedding possible.

How do you stop B.O on your wedding day? We think the best way is to choose a high quality natural deodorant. Australia can be a hot place so it's important to fine a natural deodorant that works, and works well! After a lot of trial and error we found Arluka natural deodorant to be highly effective and last all day long.

Think about photo booths for example. You've gone to the effort to find the perfect Australian photo booth for hire so you want to enjoy it on your big day. All your friends and family are going to grab you and pull you into photos, they will hug you and squeeze up nice and close. How will you fell if you know your body odour is bad? Will you be relaxed and confident posing in the photo booth? Or will you avoid it entirely because you don't want people standing so close to you? 

We discovered the relationship between body odour, effective natural deodorant and photo booths whilst working on hundreds of photo booth hire jobs in Australia. Surveying our customers and wedding guests we started to realise that a lot of people are self conscious about their body odour when using a photo booth. What's more, the vast majority of people hadn't found a natural deodorant that worked well for them, let alone one they would trust on their wedding day whilst squished up in a photo booth on a hot day in Australia.

Why Would I Choose Natural Deodorant?

So you're starting to see the benefit to staying stink free on your big day, you've even decided you don't want body odour when using your photo booth. But why would you choose natural deodorant over regular antiperspirant? Well my friend, the reasons are may, let's break them down and provide you with further reading so you can make an informed decision around whether natural deodorant is right for you.

1. Chemicals, oh no! Did you know that regular deodorant and antiperspirant is loaded with chemicals, many of which are of questionable safety? Aluminium is one key ingredient in antis-perspirant that may be linked to negative health outcomes. Aluminium is used to block your pores so that sweat glands can't release sweat via the skin. This isn't a natural nor ideal way to deal with body odour and whilst it may be effective the long term safety of Aluminium exposure is increasingly being called to question. This study dived deeper into the health consequences of aluminium use.

This article entitled "Toxic chemicals in deodorant" goes deeper into the main chemicals found in many Australian deodorant whilst this article looks at the cause of body odour so you can gain a better understanding of body odour and why natural deodorant may be your best friend for a safe, odour free photo booth experience in Australia. Learn more about the dangers of parabens here.


What about Beard Oil Australia?

At first thought beard oil doesn't seem at all related to photo booths. But think about it, if you're sporting a beard and about to enter a photo booth you want it to look glorious right? Enter beard oil. We found using the right beard (such as this one) oil can add shine to your beard and really make it look great in photos. So, grab some beard oil, massage it in and get snapping!

“I was always self conscious using photo booths at weddings”


“Natural deodorant made me feel a lot more confident in the photo booth.”


“I don't stink! Now I can use photo booths!”


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